Why does my hand hurt when I do nail illumination?


A friend said that the hand of the nail lamp will hurt when the nail is manicure, what is the reason?

Common causes

1. Too much glue at one time, when lighting the light, the light therapy glue curing set, will absorb a certain amount of heat, glue coated with more absorbed heat will make the hands have a burning sensation;.

2. If the nail is too thin, the heat absorbed by the glue will make the fingers more likely to have a burning sensation and pain.

3. the skin is too sensitive and reacts to the UV rays emitted by UV.


1. The glue can be thinly applied several times, thinly applied once to dry and then repeat 1-2 times, so as to make the nail lasting and flatter.

2. When doing nail art for customers with thin nails, pay attention to polishing the nail surface gently, and put on a layer of reinforcing gel or phototherapy gel after the base coat to thicken the nail surface.

3. If you are allergic to UV light, you can use LED light instead, but please note that not all phototherapy gel can be dried with LED!


Post time: Nov-30-2022