Why choose brushless nail drill

why choose

The nail art market is getting bigger and bigger, and there are many types of Nail Drill. If you don't understand it, you can easily fall into the trap of some merchants: buying a poor product at an expensive price.

At present, the most common ones on the market are brushless nail drills and carbon brush nail drills. Can you tell them apart? 

There are tons of nail drills and electric files you can find online, and that makes it very hard to decide which nail drill will be the best for you and why so we are here to help.

In this email, we will compare the cordless nail drill that often appear on the market today and categorize the nail drill for brushless and carbon brush, the another one (Metalic Brush ) are being developed from Misbeauty.


Features of brushless nail drill:

Superior Brushless Motor - Higher Efficiency

Misbeauty Brushless Nail Drill Machine comes with burshless motor that combines a higher output power, smaller size and weight, better heat dissipation and efficiency, wider operating speed ranges, and very low electrical noise operation.8-10 Hours Battery Life after 3 Hours Full Charge

Light and Quiet, Comfortable to Hold

Lightweight handpiece, remarkable powerful, work quiet and smooth! You can barely feel the vibration. This gives you a quiet and highly enjoyable manicure experience.

Let's take a look at the difference between them:

Quality ranking

Brushless> Metalic Brush> Carbon Brush

Pricing comparison

Market price of brushless nail drill 35000rpm: $60 to $80

Market price of carbon brush nail drill 35000rpm: $40 to $50  


Detailed analysis

Brushless motor can work continuously for 20K hours, Carbon brush motor can work continuously for 500 hours

The power consumption of brushless motors is only one-third of carbon brushes  

The brushless motor is more stable and works smoother and quieter

When you decide on how much you are willing to pay on your electric file, you should take into consideration the frequency you intend to use the nail drill. 

What Is The Best Nail Drill For You?

Post time: Jun-03-2019