Can a nail drill damage your nails?

The nail drill only needs to lightly polish the nail surface, and there is no need to use nail polish remover products containing chemical ingredients before operation. Some customers may be allergic to nail polish remover, in which case it is more suitable to use a polisher.

The right way to open the nail drill machine

1. Power is adjusted gradually from low to high to avoid too much power too much power to cause direct wear and tear

2. Avoid the skin when sanding the nail surface, and the sanding head should not stop Stay in a certain position on the nail surface

3.When using a sanding head to polish hard crystal nails, glossy nails, etc. When using a sanding head for hard crystal nails or nail art, use a coarse sanding surface first and then use a fine sanding surface.

The nail drill is very efficient and time-saving, and can eliminate the need for complicated processes such as carving and tinfoil wrapping to achieve efficient and healthy nail and foot care.

The grinding machine is to turn manual into mechanized, before it may take thirty minutes to remove the nail, now a few minutes can be quickly completed, even if the phototherapy gel can be quickly removed Oh.

The grinder is more environmentally friendly, highly functional, multi-purpose, and can increase the class of the store. Clean up the dust after use, timely unplug the power, avoid high temperature exposure and soaking water, easy to clean, repeated use, long life!

Note: nail technician as long as the correct operation, is not polished to this nail Oh. For particularly sensitive guests, you can adjust to the minimum gear, patiently polish the nail.

Post time: Dec-06-2022